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Incorporated in our service to you, if you are not available we are happy to retrieve or launch your vessel.  Once slipped, your vessel can be cleaned ready for your required work to commence.


All work completed is documented with digital photography.

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Annual Maintenance:

At The Boat Clinic we provide a complete package that is affordable, reliable and above all exceptionally high quality. We take the opportunity to give your hull a good visual inspection during the antifouling process to ensure everything is in good order! We also check for things like osmosis, cracking and early signs of electrolysis! Below we have outlined the usual process we take when performing and Antifouling service.

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The Antifoul Process

Should you be unable to deliver your boat to us, we can arrange for pickup.

Using the Travel-lift your vessel is lifted and high pressure washed to clean most of the organic growth.The hull is inspected and all inlets/outlets are cleaned. If the vessel is stern driven, the leg is thoroughly inspected and cleaned, removing all contaminates from the leg, focusing special attention to the most vulnerable parts of the Stern Drive Leg around the bellows where excessive growth can lead to premature failure of the bellows causing sea water to enter the area between the gimbal bearing on the transom and the rear leg bearing which can cause failure and seizure to many related components. This is a very important part of the inspection and cleaning process.

The hull is then sanded to prepare for the application of the antifoul. Antifoul can be either rolled or applied using our latest Wagner airless spray equipment.

Anodes are placed back on the vessel or replaced if required.

After the manufacturers recommended cure time, the vessel is lifted back into the water and is ready for delivery. We can deliver the boat back to you if required.

Antifoul is generally a 12-18 month product depending on the type of product used. 

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Prop Speed

It isn’t a surprise that a prop coated with antifoul may not last as long as the expected service life of other less turbulent areas of the vessel and this early wear has obvious consequences, reducing vessel performance and  decreased fuel economy.

To counter this The Boat Clinic utilizes an advanced Prop Protection system from PropSpeed™ which is an advanced primer and silicone based top coat which resists wear in the turbulent environment of a working propellor and provides protection from organic growth. Highly recommended!!

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The Boat Clinic provide an unparalleled service in boat detailing, boat cleaning (interior and exterior) & regular maintenance, using only the highest quality products.   We have an experienced team that can provide detailing services from the works upturning everything on your vessel and cleaning it from top to bottom, right through to a quick wash on a regular basis.

Ask about our annual maintenance/cleaning (wash) programs to keep your vessel in top condition.

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Wet Blasting

Using our own specially designed blasting unit we have the ability to strip the toughest of antifouls on steel or fibreglass to extra gentle on timber or manage an outside blasting contractor for larger jobs.

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Completing resprays with our custom-built enclosure means not only are you out of the weather but you can rely on achieving your timeframe. Our enclosure is the only one of its kind in Victoria.

We can complete your respray to the highest standard, in any colour and brand you prefer to give your vessel a new life!

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This enclosure can be erected around any vessel of any length with specialised design scaffolding for boats.

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Masts stripped, resprayed & refurbished to your specific requirements. Winches serviced.

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Fibreglass Repairs

Mixing the latest technology and our expert craftsmen, we can achieve that perfect repair large or small. All types of resins are used and Vacuum Infusion principles applied where required.

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Gelcoat Repairs

The Boat Clinic regularly performs quality Gelcoat repairs. With our years of experience and high level of you can rest assured that your repair will be performed beyond expectations every time. From a minor scratch or chip repair to a complete respray or even manufacturing a new nonskid deck piece.

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Timber Repairs

All timber repairs, including varnishing either in single or 2-pack.

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Osmosis Repairs

We are the only contractor in Victoria with the patented “Gelplane” machine to peel fibreglass layers from .5mm to 3mm. Experience has taught us that once these layers are removed majority of the time so has the moisture  and osmosis.  This then allows for the relaminating process to begin. This process minimises dramatically the drying time!

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Bow Thrusters

A Bow Thruster or Stern Thruster is a welcome addition to most vessels, making manoeuvring the vessel in tight locations easier and giving you peace of mind in any weather conditions.  We regularly install Bow Thrusters & Stern Thrusters in all sized vessels, whilst also surveying the power requirements and installing independent battery banks for the thrusters where applicable.

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From the tinnie to that luxury cruiser or yacht, we cater for all your Upholstery needs.

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Covers, Clears & Dodgers

Whether a ripped dodger, replacement of the clears or designing a new cover you will not be disappointed. Make sure you speak to our expert craftsmen before commencing to avoid the pitfalls.

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From changing your vessel’s name (who’s superstitious) or Club rego, we have an in-house designer who can guide and supply you with your options. Installation can be by our professional or DIY.

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Underwater Services

Regular cleaning of your hull between antifouls, not only monitors your anodes but will keep your antifoul active. If necessary anodes can be changed underwater.

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Insurance Repairs

Accidental Damage & Insurance Claim Specialists

Having worked with just about every marine insurer,includingClub Marine, Nautilus, CGU and Trident over the years we are a trusted and proven repairer. We understand the process and regularly perform repairs to vessels of all sizes from a jet ski with a stone chip to a vessel that needs a refit or major repair! We are capable of any job small or large and will perform your repair quickly and professionally. We will handle the job from start to finish including all aspects of the job and meet with your insurance assessor as required, saving you time and frustration.

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Mechanical & Electrical Repairs

The Boat Clinic will confidently supervise all mechanical and electrical repairs to your vessel with our trusted contractors.

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For more information on how you can get antifouling on your vessel, or for questions about standard boat repairs, contact the team at The Boat Clinic. We are always available to talk to and help you find a solution no matter what service you need.

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