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Mobile Marine Mechanic for Boats and Yachts

There is nothing worse than your boat not operating at its peak. Whether it can’t leave the dock or just isn’t running as it should, as a boat owner, it can be devastating. To ensure your boat or yacht is running its best, a specialist boat mechanic is usually necessary. The Boat Clinic is an experienced, professional team of mobile marine mechanics, offering expert motor repairs and services for boats throughout Melbourne and its bayside suburbs.


From antifouling services that make sure your boat is running smoothly to mobile services that will get you moving again, we want you to feel that your asset is in trusted hands. With a wealth of knowledge about marine vessels and a passion for sailing the seas ourselves, you know you’re being looked after. Choose The Boat Clinic for competitive rates, guidance and education on boating and boat repair, and for Victoria’s most passionate team.


Trust in our boat mechanics for motor repair and emergency services

We love our boats, but there are many things that can go wrong when you are a boat owner. Whether the engine goes, there is damage to the vessel or it just doesn’t go the same way it used to, a poor operating boat can be frustrating. That’s why, you can get an outboard mechanic from The Boat Clinic to visit you, no matter whether your boat’s in Docklands, St Kilda, Martha Cove or anywhere else!


Contact us for services in Melbourne and Bayside Suburbs


We work hard to ensure our service is prompt and of the best quality, ensuring you get back into the waters quicker and for longer.  If you would like to make an enquiry for your boat, whether for antifouling, motor repair or anything else, fill out your details on our contacts page. For more pressing issues, you can call our team on (03) 9521 8066.