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Qualified Fibreglass Boat Repairs For Melbourne

Ensure your boat is in professional hands. The Boat Clinic is a full service marine fibreglass repair centre, helping boat-owners across the city get the services they need to restore their vessel to top condition. Damage to a boat’s structure or fibreglass is a serious issue that should be remedied promptly by technicians with the right specialist training. If you’re looking to get your boat seaworthy again, you can trust us.


Don’t compromise on your safety and the safety of one of your biggest assets. When it comes to ensuring that you’re able to enjoy the open water for as long as possible, make the right investment. A cut-rate technician is one that’s going to cut corners, so ensure you’re working with someone you can rely on. The Boat Clinic provides premium, high-quality services for boats all sizes, working diligently to restore your vessel to its original condition. Speak to us today about how we could get your vessel looking and functioning like new.

A dedication to quality and professionalism

Using the latest techniques and the most advanced technologies and supplies, our technicians achieve exceptional results on projects of every size, regardless of the specifics of the brief. We carefully match your boat to the most suitable resin, and practice vacuum infusion principles where required to achieve superior results always.


The Boat Clinic delivers the repair services you need, when and where it’s most convenient to you. Whether in our fully-equipped Sandringham workshop or onsite anywhere in the city from Docklands to St Kilda to Martha Cove, we provide a top quality service that comprehensively addresses the damage to your boat. Whether you need floor repairs or are looking to remedy some external abrasion, we can assist you.

Make the smarter decision for your boat

Discover how easy it could be to get shipshape when you work with the professionals at The Boat Clinic. Call us today on (03) 9521 8066 to book an appointment or send us your questions via email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.